About Facesitting

Welcome to my new site About Facesitting! I decided to build this website so that I could write more on the subject of facesitting.
It's always a good thing if new woman get to know and love this fetish!

What is Facesitting ?

Basically, as the name implies, it's the action of sitting on someone else's face. Most often, a female is sitting on a men's face, or a female on a female.
On occasion, I have seen on the web examples of guys sitting on guys, or guys on girls (rarer)!
Personnally, I don't like guys sitting, so I'm only writting about female on men, or female on female!

Why do we love Facesitting ?

There are many different reasons why one might be turned on with a girl sitting on their face.
For example, if you like to eat pussy, then obviously a girl straddling your face is one good way of licking her.
Those who worships the ass will love facesitting as well. When a female sits on your face, she can choose to spread her ass cheeks and really push
your nose in her ass!
Others will prefer the weight that they feel on their face, they will prefer taller women and heavier too!
Or having multiple girls trying to facesit them at the same time! Never happened to me but someday for sure it will !
Some people really enjoy the air deprivation that often happens when being facesat. When a girl's butt is sitting heavily on your face, squashing
your nose and covering your mouth, it is real hard to breath and/or impossible for a certain time. The lack of oxygen that occurs while a women is
smothering you, is making you light headed, and at the same time increasing your overall pleasure! Hard to explain, but I felt it many times!

Some of the Facesitting sites I'm addicted to :)

Pictures courtesy of Facesitting Bitches

Heavy girl in fullweight facesitting

Reverse facesitting are hot

Woman in white panty facesitting her men